General Dentists in Thailand

General dentists in Thailand performs general dentistry. Generalized dental treatments includes:

  • Checkup and Consultation
  • X-ray Diagnoses and Intrepretation
  • Dental Fillings and Tooth-colored Fillings Replacement
  • Teeth cleaning, Teeth Scaling & Polishing, Airflow
  • Preventive Dentistry such as oral hygiene instructions, sealants, preventive resins
  • Simple Tooth Extraction
  • Tooth Whitening

General dentists in Thailand are not limited in treating other types fields dental treatments. The above dental treatments are however the normal general dentistry treatments that all licensed dentists commonly performs. General dentistry includes normal day-to-day checkups in maintaining good oral health of the general public.

At Smile Signature dental clinics, our general dentists works with dental specialists in referring more complex or advance specified dental treatments such as dental implants, orthodontic treatments or a full mouth dental makeover case in ensuring that our patients are cared properly by our team of professional thailand dentists.

Dentists in Thailand undergo a six year education and training Doctor of Dental Surgery DDS., programme from recognized universities' faculty of dentistry in Thailand before they are given the license to practice. For dentists from overseas, a dental examination from the Thai Dental Council Board must be taken before they are able to practice in Thailand.

Our thailand dental clinic as a professional team of dentists that are all licenced and certified.

Associations related to General Dentists in Thailand

Thailand Dental CouncilAll dentists in thailand must be granted a license to practice by the Thailand Dental Council and must pass the board's certification examinations in order to quality as a dentist in Thailand. In Thailand, dentists normally complete a 6 year graduate degree in Doctor of Dental Surgery DDS. at one of their recognized listing of university specified by the thai dental council. General dentists in thailand are able to further specializs into various dental streams by additional studies done either at local universities or obtaining certification from overseas via overseas universities or overseas accreditation board.